About the Author

M.L. Bull is the pen name of an amateur Christian drama and fiction writer. She is originally from Salisbury, Maryland on the Eastern shore, but lives in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Although she has a quiet personality, she loves to laugh and joke around every now and then. Her pursuit in writing began when she was in elementary school during fifth grade. Writing is her passion and what she believes she is meant to do. Growing up, her love for words grew stronger and she even began reading the dictionary occasionally and making her own vocabulary tests.

Although she presently writes mostly Christian fiction, her first genre interest was mystery, which she still loves and hopes to someday write a compelling mystery novel. Her very first mystery she wrote was about a British detective and scientist named Dr. Stone and his colleague Patrick, a young teenage paperboy. Her second was a sort titled “The Weirdman on Greenhill Street”, which involved six adolescents trying to save their parents from an evil magician. These and various others she wrote in composition books.

Currently, she is in the process of writing and planning an African American Christian drama titled “The Words by Heart Saga,” a long story centered on the lives of the Savages and their neighboring friends in the urban. fictional community. of Saint Vincent, New York. She is the youngest of three sisters and the aunt to one nephew.

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